Sunday, November 10, 2013

Further demise

This building at 10 and 12 N. National in Fort Scott is being auctioned off this Friday, the 15th.  The reserve bid price is $7,500.00. What a shame this is that the downtown cannot support the buildings.  We have more buildings than businesses to occupy them.  
In the center of the building is a doorway with a stairway that leads up to the second and third floors, which I can remember used to be living quarters.  In the 60's and 70's I can remember going up there to visit with Janice.  A friend of her Uncle Bud Penniman lived up there and it was very nice and comfortable. 

Peer pressure

I was led astray in high school by some of the upper classmates on the track team.  I had grown up with the ambition to be the best I could be at whatever the challenge was.  I don't know where that came from, but it was there.  I, of course, was born with some natural traits as we all are.  I don't know what events led to my makeup and I never will.  What made me want to excel, I guess, was the desire to be recognized for my accomplishments and I worked hard for that recognition.  

I think there is a desire in all of us to see our name "in the Marquee Lights", and I think that is what, more than anything else, motivates most people.  I don't think it is money or possessions, but plain old recognition...just a pat on the back and congratulations for a job well done!  I have always thrown myself into whatever I was trying to accomplish at maximum effort...always to be the best I could be, except one time, and that was the FSHS track team.

We have all faced "peer pressures" at one time or another and I was no exception.  Running track was hard work, but I had always wanted to run faster than anybody and I was willing to work hard to be better and faster....I listened to the coach to learn the technique of running and one of the techniques was to use my hands and arms to "reach out and pull myself along" by grabbing the air in front of me.  I learned how to use starting blocks and to anticipate the firing of the starting gun to get the best start out of the blocks, and I worked hard at it.  I remember in junior high at one of the big track meets in FS, there were so many participants in the 100 yd. dash, they decided to run it on the football field and we were stretched totally across the field at the start line. There were judges at the finish line and it was determined that I was the third place finisher, having defeated everyone running for Fort Scott, but not the two in front of me from somewhere else.  I was not too happy.

Shortly thereafter, we were practicing, running laps for conditioning and so on and I remember going down the back straight-a-way and there in front of me were some of the upper classmates.  It was a pretty hot day and there was a big shade tree on the northeast corner of the track and an embankment going down from the track to the cooling shade of that big old tree.  I noticed some of those guys looking to see if the coach was watching, and he wasn't, so they went on down over the embankment to rest under the tree.  I continued on around the track for one more lap and the next time on passing that tree, I went "over the hill" to get into the shade. Everyone was lying there in the cool grass instead of running as they were supposed to be doing and that soon included me, as well.  There was when I learned to loaf instead of working and I learned it was much easier, and it was the "cool" thing to do, but I did not get any better.

To this day I am ashamed that I let peer pressure get in the way of being the best I could be.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Team Play by class of 1958

I don't remember the exact dates or location, but it was told to me by a "somewhat reliable" source who says he remembers it well, and here is how he told it to me:  We were playing football in Chanute and we were well into the second half of play.  Neither team had scored.  We were pretty well matched up that night and we were in a dog fight.  We had trudged up and down the field, only to get close to the goal line and Chanute would stop us and take over on downs. They would march down the field and our defense would stop them.  Back and forth we went.

Somewhere in the middle of the fourth quarter, we were again marching down the field.  The play calling was excellent and the team was playing well,executing the plays we had practiced all week in preparing for the game.  We made it to Chanute's ten yard line, fourth down and five yards to go for a first down.  Since we had not kicked an extra point all year,let alone a field goal, we decided to go for the first down.  We called a "time out" and Gary went over to talk to the coaches about what play to run.  

He came back to the huddle and said "we are going to run # 47", (that's the play where Mark blocks for me and I carry the ball through the hole he created).  This time the whole Chanute team piled onto Mark and no matter how hard he fought, there was just no hole and we were stopped again. Chanute then took over on downs on their own ten yard line and we then went over onto defense.

We don't know the names of all the players involved, but Fletch was a line backer, Jerry (Fletch's brother) was defensive end, Mike Buffington and Mark were in the defensive line.  I was behind them and Gary was our "safety".  On the first play by Chanute, the halfback crashed into Mark and Mike.  There was a collision that could have been heard for miles.  Mark and Mike went down, and so did the Chanute ball carrier.  The collision was so violent, it caused the ball carrier to fumble the ball and it went directly into the arms of Jerry, who was on the ground right by the pile up.  Fletch saw the play and he grabbed Jerry by the shoulder pad and pulled him over the goal line for a touchdown!  

The referees did not see the fumble or the recovery, but they saw Fletch and Jerry with the ball in the end zone for the only touchdown scored in the game.  We missed the extra point (we had not made one all year) and the final score was six to nothing, thanks to the fine team-play on the right side of the line on that play!

What day is it?

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mark's Jeepster

Pete, Mark says you must be getting old, your memory isn't worth a darn.  He has a 1948 (first year of manufacture)  Wilys Overland this one!

1948 Willys Jeepster

To blog or not to blog

Now is the time to try men's souls!  To blog or not to blog, that is the question!  I tried to publish a blog and it went all over my blog cover page and I don't know where might have gone...did any of you get it?  It was a copy and paste of the "explanation".  And now I have Marigene all confused and she is ready to give up the project....let me know if you get this, and thank you for being patient.

Pete   and does anyone know where this bridge is?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Class Luncheon 11-05-2013

Members of our class met for lunch at Pete and Janice's today.We enjoyed potato soup, home-grown chicken, cole slaw, breads and various desserts.

Those in attendance were Pete, Janice, Mark, Chris, Larry, Jackie, Cynthia, Ron, Howard, Marigene, Ann, Charlie, Peggy and Fletcher.

We sang Happy Birthday to Janice and Marigene.

Larry brought some old photos that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

After lunch some of the guys enjoyed playing pool.